Linux for Hackers

Void Linux is an independent distribution, developed entirely by volunteers.

It targets to experienced users. We improve the system to fit our very own needs, so it may fit yours too.

Rolling Release

Install once, update daily. Your system will always be up-to-date.

Thanks to our continuous build system, new software is built into binary packages as soon as the changes are pushed to our repository repository.

Community driven

Void uses Github for development. That makes it easy to contribute to the Distribution and fix bugs not only for yourself but for the whole Community.

Latest News

2018-11-28 by Enno Boland

Test Post

This is a test post with an actual author.


Test Post Default Repositories at new Address XBPS 0.53 released GitHub Organisation is moving regained control of IRC Serious Issues XBPS 0.52 is out My Little Void The Advent of Void: Day 25: ponysay The Advent of Void: Day 24: snooze

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